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Located just seven miles west of Portland, Beaverton is a pleasant escape from the bustle of city life, with green... Read more ›


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Portland’s most unique and hip stores flock to this bicycle and pedestrian friendly neighborhood, where you can really let your... Read more ›


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Ever wanted to live in an urban neighborhood with the quiet suburb feel to it? Where a short commute from... Read more ›


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The Irvington neighborhood harkens back to ten years before Oregon was awarded statehood: In 1849, Captain William Irving landed in... Read more ›

Hollywood District

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The Hollywood District in Portland, Oregon, like its Los Angeles counterpart, gets its name from the movie industry: After the... Read more ›


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Located up in the lovely and coveted Southwest Hills overlooking Portland, Hillsdale has luscious trees and greenery, beautiful ranch-style homes... Read more ›


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The lush green space and views of the forest around Tualatin, Oregon well earned it its local nickname of “Tree... Read more ›

West Linn

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Merely 12 miles south of downtown Portland, West Linn neighborhoods are comfortably tucked away in the quiet wooded hills, with... Read more ›

Pearl District

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Two decades ago, the Pearl District was a derelict industrial area. With vision and ingenuity, it’s been transformed into the... Read more ›

Downtown Portland

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Downtown Portland is like a micro-New York City, only with friendly Portland quirkiness. Art, culture, renowned local restaurants, grandiose hotel... Read more ›