Navigating The Home Buying Process In Portland

Let me guide you through the home buying process! Home Buyer Tips Portland OregonEastbank-Esplanade-Hosford
Currently, when buying a home in Portland, a buyer has the most optimum opportunity to shop on the Internet for a property that suits the buyer best. On my web page, I strive to make that simple for you, the client. You can easily browse through listings and then let me know what you’d like to see. I can assist you with this process or my search tools make it easy to do from the comfort of your own home.
I’ve been in real estate for many years and my experience has taught me to narrow the field, to give the potential buyer an honest opinion of a property, and help with comparisons, pointing out any potential red flags, issues with pricing, location information, investment analysis and various other important data.
If all of this is done correctly, then I can guide my customer through the purchase process with ease. A step-by-step approach is the easiest way because it allows the buyer to focus on the details of each part of the transaction without stress or worry. Together, we will have done our homework well, this makes the offer process go much smoother.

The Offer to Purchase A Home or Home Buyer Tips:

During the offer to purchase phase you will need many home buyer tips, I can suggest meaningful ways help you and to negotiate the deal as well as navigate the process. Addressing price, conditions, time lines, inspections and earnest money strategies. Next there may be the counter-offer process. It doesn’t always happen, but, if so, we can look at the parameters of the counter, discuss a strategic plan of approach that is agreeable to you and go from there. The customer is always the decision-maker and with my honest and educated guidance a solid agreement will transpire. Concluding the offer phase, we can move on to an efficient closing including timely inspections, potential repairs, and all other due diligence. I have several loan officers I work with who are upstanding and whom you can trust. It is helpful to have good contacts within title companies as well, I have these contacts and I can guide you toward several helpful and knowledgeable people that will be of great help to you during the transaction.

My Oregon Real Estate Experience Will Put You At Ease

Since I am a Principal Broker, I have many years of helpful knowledge to lead you through the process of purchasing your dream home! Prior to moving to Portland I owned and operated my own successful real estate company for many years. My years of experience have afforded me the opportunity to have been through all different types of transactions. Very difficult to very easy and everything in between. This experience has given me a vast knowledge I can put to use helping with any real estate obstacle that may come your way. Please contact me as I’d love to meet you and talk with you about your desired neighborhood and help you with the purchase of your new home!